Another Attempt That Turns Into A Referral System...

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Today I am very tired. I have been filling out applications and getting turned down virtually everywhere. Sometimes it almost makes you cry. I will be just fine, but no one wants to live without shopping! I can't get my nails done, and my hair looks a mess. I digress...

Get Your Free Cash System!
Zero to Rich! Free Business System!

That is about all the information you receive. Can you imagine what this could be? I couldn't. It is actually a pretty nice offer as far as these subscription opportunities go. You can get $120 sent directly to your PayPal account if you get 3 friends ( that you do not spam - and they specify this ) and yourself to subscribe to one of their offers. With the A.A.R.P. featured for $2 a month, payday loans ( the kind where you are loaned $300 to pay the light bill when your car broke down that month ), and the Disney Princess Club, who wouldn't want to join, right. Well, I can't think of three people I know that I can sell this to. I am a single, 27 year old with no children and no senior friends that like A.A.R.P. . It is absolutely free to join, so next time someone asks me about the A.A.R.P., I am in there! Maybe I should just try harder. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow I will feel more like marketing this. It really is an easy sell as long as you really get paid.

Money Invested: $0 Time Spent: 10 minutes Money Earned: $0

Here are the instructions if you would like a preview:

Update: 1 month - no referrals, no clicks on the link to be a referral, no one wants this.


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