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My experience with Global Domains International wasn't very promising. I filled out an application to be a customer service representative. I was supposed to be answering emails all day. Are you kidding? I would love to just answer emails all day. One could always improve her typing skills to her benefit, and this sounded fun. I like helping people use their computers. I was invited to a group interview at 2:00pm and 9:00pm two different days. Great! I can get started right away!

I had to call into the interview 4 different times before a "connection" could be made. They direct me to where they would like me to pay $10 a month for a site. That was the end for me. I do not pay to work. Maybe for some products, but the reviews aren't the best for this one, and I just wanted to answer questions. I think for right now the only products I need would be tangible ones. You purchase the rights to a URL ending in .ws instead of .com at this work at home opportunity. I believe if this were legit, there would be a training area to train new staff at no cost.

Right now I am focusing on working from home for free. I may attempt this later when I have earned $10 from another oppurtunity( I hope!). This isn't supposed to be very much work for huge amounts of money. Sport cars and models grace the web pages, which always makes me skeptical.


JAMES said...

I have worked for GDI for 4 months and earned $3900. You are either to
lazy or stupid to try anything new.
What's $10 a month to stay at home and make money? Does your full time employer put gas in your car to come to work every day? Not! Do you put $10 a month in gas in your car to get to your full time job? You a whiner trying to find fault in everyone else. Better yet you want something for nothing or a handout. Try your local welfare office and maybe they will throw a pity party for you.

esantra said...

That's great, James. I believe you. Can you show me proof? $10 is not much, you are correct. I am against initial investments because all of the advice columns say not to try anything that costs you money. I would love to publish your proof on my blog! I am trying to provide my readers with ways to make honest money. Have you actually received the cash? Please respond. I did say I would try it when I had earned $10. I have not earned the money to invest in it, yet. One of my eBay books is selling... Give me a few days. How did you earn so much? I am very interested to learn because nothing has paid, yet. Maybe I am lazy, but the road is different for different people. The GDI work did interest me. Is it mainly referrals?

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