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I did not know you could make money writing articles on eHow. I wrote three articles this morning. I guess it probably takes a while to make any money, but it seems legit as people are still doing it. I am guessing this will not make me rich. Just guessing. There are also other sites like eHow that also pay. I chose eHow because that is the one I see the most when I do online searches. These how to articles are easy to write, and almost everyone has some unique information that noone else has.

I will do some more update entries later if I make any cold, hard cash. This is still a good project if I make no money at all. At least people will gain some helpful knowledge. It seems honest and straightforward, and eHow pay with PayPal! Not instant gratification, but at least they do not want me to sell anything or give them my bank account information.

Update: This is my updated information. I still have not reached payout, but in 1 more month, I should be there!

Articles Written: 47

Article Views: 2,803

Earnings in December $7.18

eHow has turned out to be very fun and addictive. I really like writing the articles, and the more I write, the more creative and fun the articles turn out to be. I find that I make the most off of the ideas that are my own true originals and center around some online topic or a product that can be purchased online.

Money Invested: $0 Time Invested: 60+ hours Money Earned: $7.06-so far, but making more while I sleep


Pat said...

Hi Amanda!

Glad to see you've written on eHow! That's great! It does take some time to earn money, so don't worry if you don't see any earnings right from the start.

Good luck and I'll be interested in following your progress!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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