Ebay - How Boring

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I am waiting for responses from numerous companies that do not charge any fee for working from home.

And waiting....
And waiting...
And waiting...
I want money immediately! Isn't there anyplace that I can log into and begin working right away on my laptop with 512 MB of memory probably manufactured in 2001?

Ebay was the only thing I could think of today. How boring. Noone has responded, but I have not given up. I have posted my bartender study guide software and some old computer programming books that I am probably never going to use. All in all, I have about $135 worth of stuff posted. Just waiting for a buyer and payment. I sold a $100 broken laptop last week that I wanted to fix, but never had enough money or time to fix. That was good, but I started the blog after that, so it doesn't count. I bought about $40 worth of bracelets to sell, but I have not received them, yet. Those will count.

I don't have much else to sell. I am a minimalist, people. I don't even have a coffee table! If you could see my apartment you would laugh and point at me for the eBay idea. You guys can probably make much more than I can. I don't even have jewelry, for Christ's sake.

Money Spent: $45 Time Spent: 3 hours Money Earned: $0


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