Glo Financial - You Might Need Your Credit Repaired After This

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This company has called me for an interview! Yes!

Okay, then they want me to go to Ace Check Cashing and purchase a prepaid credit card so that they can pay me by PayPal? ? ? It costs $35 to get an interview and $3 to get a card. Sounds good, but the ferrari is a dead giveaway.

So I did some research...
Anytime you would like to know if anyone else has ran across a company you are interested in and thinks it is a scam, do a search in Google, etc. like this "glo financial scam".

This scam report is a detailed description of how another person was scammed out of 3 weeks work and $50. Not to say that you should take her word for it, but I think I might this time. I am against initial investments. Especially when the company offers to pay you $12 an hour...

Their webpage looks nice, but I would think twice.


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