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Here is a video about how to create photos to sell online: pays .25 per download. Not too bad, but the minimum payout is $70, and all the photos have to be your own original photos. I am really quite frightened. I had to give them some address verification. To do this, you must upload a state issued id or input your credit card, both of which I hate to do online. I decided to be the guinea pig for you guys, and I chose a credit card without much cash on it. The credit card did not verify my address, so I uploaded a state issued id. I am still nervous. Can’t they just send you a piece of mail like Google does? Before I can submit photos, I must wait 48 hours for my license to be reviewed, so this blog entry will come in two parts. Anyway, that was step 1.

Here is a rule that I thought you guys might want to keep in mind as far as submitting photos of people that I might have missed if I were you:

“Any image of an identifiable person must be accompanied by a model release. Model releases are available on our site and must be submitted digitally; we do not accept faxed, mailed, or any hard copy releases. For submissions containing nude content of artistic value, the model must look at least 25 years of age and the submission must be accompanied by a photo ID of the model. The decision to accept or reject an image containing nudity will be made according to the sole discretion of Shutterstock. Never submit any explicit material. Submissions must not contain violence, x-rated content, or any illegal content according to US law.”

Shutterstock Don’ts:

  • Don't send images with date stamps or copyright notices.
  • Don't "frame" your work. We don't take any framed images.
  • Don't send snapshots. We do not accept photos with heavy shadows from the on-camera flash. Make sure your images have a clear topic and focus.
  • Don't send 10 pictures of your family pet.
  • Don't send dark or muddy travel pictures.
  • Don't send the same image with slight variations on the angle.
  • Don't send the same image in color, black and white, sepia, and blue tone. Color is enough. If any variation on color actually enhances the image, then you may submit it separately, but we do not want a batch of photos where each is submitted in four different ways.
  • Don't send similar shots when only one is your favorite. Edit on your own. Keep batch sizes of similar subjects down to the bare minimum.
  • Don't send flower pictures labeled "Flower" or "Spring Scene". We only accept photos of flowers that are labeled with the scientific or common name. Labeling plants and animals with their scientific names may increase your sales (*Please avoid sending images that we already have a lot of such as sunsets, flowers, nature, etc.*).
  • Don't submit photos taken from inside an airplane or moving automobile. Consider your composition carefully.

Shutterstock sells monthly subscriptions to others people so that they can download your beautiful, original photos. Users can download up to 750 pictures each month. Once you reach $500 in earnings, your commission goes up to .30 per picture! You can also refer Stock buyers and make 20% off of their subscriptions. More questions? Click here to visit Shutterstock’s FAQ page.

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