How to Get Paid to Share Your Coupons

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Have coupons with codes lying around from the Sunday paper? Make money from them! How Awesome! Just grab your coupon with a coupon code and navigate your browser to Upload your coupon and make money each time someone uses it! You  must sign up for an account first, then upload your coupons. Coupon Chief pays you 2% each time someone uses your coupon code to make a sale! You can be paid via PayPal, check, etc. I know of no other site that pays you to upload coupons. Click here for the coupon that I just uploaded. Here is a video if you need help: provides a much better video to explain this process. Click here to view the CouponChief tutorial video. I really like the idea because the extra incentive means that you can find coupons on this site for just about anything and everything. There are thousands and thousands of coupons here for places like:

You can also locate coupons by searching for related tags such as “fashion”, “swim wear”, “boys clothing”, or “belts”. also offers a free email newsletter. If you are new to coupon codes, I really recommend viewing their tutorial video at least once. offers a great explanation about how to use coupon codes with your favorite vendors!

Making money off of your coupons with CouponChief is so easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an account at Enter all your information to get paid!
  • Upload your coupons. For this, you will need the store name, the discount,  and the expiration date (if there is one). You must also use a coupon code. Add tags to your coupon and press the submit button.
  • Track your progress on your "my account" page. Every time someone uses a coupon you've uploaded, Coupon Chief will give you 2% of the sales. This could really add up over time, and some users have entered thousands of coupon codes.
  • Now decide how you get paid. They pay by check, PayPal, etc. Have fun making money!

Here is a copy of the coupon I used:


The coupon code that you want to enter is located in the center. Good Luck!



AnimeshSingh said...

thanks for your info. you can also find at dealshunt some great Amazon Coupons

kal30314 said...

There one more place that paid you to share your coupons codes

kal30314 said...

I no of another website that you get paid to share your coupon codes:

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