How to Make Money Online by Embedding YouTube Videos

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How to Make Money with Flixya is a neat source of income. Your are paid 100% of the Google Adsense income generated by your videos, photos, and blogs. The account is free to create and only takes minutes. 

Flixya allows you to create a profile, comment, and make friends online all while posting your videos. Relevant ads are placed around the content you upload and share. Flixya pays you through Google Adsense. You don't need a website or anything else. 

I like because it allows me to upload YouTube videos, generates embed code for the YouTube video, and allows me to make money from posting the YouTube video online on my blogs. I would post the video anyway. Making a few more adsense pennies might be worth it. It also allows me to track the videos that I have placed on my blog, and Ican find them all in one easy place. 

What does 100% revenue share mean? It means that when using Flixya, users receive 100% of the ad revenue generated from the ad impressions that are shown on the pages of their content. So, every time someone visits one of your pages on Flixya and clicks on a Google advertisement, you are paid! KACHING!

I thought, "Wow! You can make money with your blog. Maybe I can insert my blog rss feed and make money from this blog on another site. I would really like that.". No such luck. You must create a fresh new blog about everything and make money from your fresh, new Flickya blog. 

Steps to adding a video:

  1. Become a member of and login. 
  2. Enter the title, description, and tags for your video.
  3. Choose the video source and click on the round button beside it.
  4. Choose the category and click on the round button beside it. 
  5. (Optional) Create a new gallery or choose on from the list.
  6. Submit the form. 
  7. The embed code is in the lower right hand corner. Copy it and paste it onto your website.


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