EDC Gold, EDC Diamond, Easy Daily Cash Scam or No?

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EDC Gold Video:

EDC Gold is a marketing company that provides you with master resell and rebranding rights to many different products. EDC requires that you spend 3-4 hours a day on your website marketing and selling their products. When you join EDC Gold, you are buying over 1000 digital software products with master resell and rebranding rights. Almost all of the products come with premade web pages. To sell the products, you will need to have your own hosting.
The most popular way to make money with EDC Gold is to sell software and ebook in bundles. The bundles can be sold for three price levels that represent membership in EDC Gold, Easy Daily Cash, and Your New Fortune. When you sell a bundle to someone you are paid using a 2-up compensation plan. The 2-up compensation plan is used to leverage your income so that each sale you make can potentially turn into many more.You only get 100% of the income once you pass 2 training sales up, whatever that means.

They offer plenty of training classes and webinars. With EDC Gold you can:

· Automate your profits!
· Software sells itself!
· Make Money in Your Sleep.
· Awesome software!
· Help Tips When You Need Them!
· An auto responder system with pre-written emails to market any and all of your online opportunities!
· A built-in advertising system with capture pages to build a huge prospect list!
· New products added on a regular basis.

I am emailing them for extra information right now, but I have to ask myself how different this is from Clickbank.com, which is absolutely free. EDC pricing is as follows:
EDC Has Four Levels You Can Choose From Starting With The Following:

1. EDC Diamond $2497, Monthly Subscription Of $79.95
2. EDC Gold Level Which Cost $997, $49.95 Monthly Admin Fee
3. Easy Daily Cash $297, Monthly Subscription Of $39.95
4. Your New Fortune Which Price Is $69.95, $0.00 Per Month



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