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Author esantra Category , , , , , , , is another site like It is an absolutely free site.

Step 1:
You upload whatever material you have for sell.
In this example, I have uploaded the ebook, Pay Per Click and Seo Basics , to sell. 

Step 2:
Name it and give it a description complete with keywords. 
You might want to read Pay Per Click and Seo Basics first. This is a guide to keywords.

Step 3:
Set a price and Sell it.
My price for the example is $3.99. 
Place links on your website or blog to sell it. Everytime you sell a copy, you get 75% of the price you have set. 

Step 4:
Become an affiliate and earn commission from other people's products. 
This site is vs.
  • gives you the full asking price.
  • has a flashier user interface.
  • TradeBit is ClickBank and PayDotCom compatible
  • Payouts from are weekly and not monthly. 
  • does not require the extra webpages for product information screens for ebooks. offers unlimited storage, is search engine friendly, offers no monthly costs, and has over 9000 merchants on their site. 

Categories of things sold on
  • Documents/ebooks
  • Movies
  • Music 
  • Pictures
  • Graphics
  • Software/Programs
  • Sounds/MIDI
  • Development
  • Misc.
If you have an account with Facebook and, you can place download links for your software, ebooks, movies, etc. on your Facebook profile. There are many flash videos and tutorials for Follow this link:
You can change your page layout, etc. You can even get your files into the eBay turbo lister.  Have fun with!


tradebit said...

thanks for the hook and description of our platform, hope you have some fun with us!

try said...

Another option is, they don't keep your money (the buyer pays directly to your PayPal account) but they do charge a really cheap monthly fee...

Used it for a while, really simple to work.

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