eBay and Clothing, The New Goodwill That Pays

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jeans Short on cash? Sell you old clothes on eBay. They sell like crazy! You can place anything sellable on eBay and earn tons of cash from things you never wear. I just made around $50 from selling clothing on eBay. Make sure you mark up the shipping so that you do not lose money on the item. I wouldn’t suggest going out and buying clothing to resell unless you can find dirt cheap deals that no one else in the world can. Sure, the eBay market is saturated, and when I created my listings, there were hundreds of thousands of other listings for men and women’s clothing.


Do not lose hope. My clothing items have sold on the last day at the last minute. It is easy to get discouraged when you have many watchers and not any bidders.Try to sell quality brands at affordable prices. Anne Taylor, Nike, and Old Navy are good options. Your closet really is a goldmine waiting to happen. Think of all the things you never wear. As long as they are in reasonably good shape, you should be able to make at least $3 from each item, sometimes less and sometimes more.

yardThe shipping is very important. You need to ship these items dirt cheap to actually make any real money. Buy plastic envelops and stuff your items inside, or ship in old shoe boxes. Whatever keeps costs low. These items are not fragile, so no fluff and packaging material are needed. Feel free to leave comments and coupon codes regarding the cheapest way to ship an item. I usually find the do it yourself station in the post office the least expensive option.  Shipping is so important because it can really cut into the cost of your item, and you will lose all of the money you profited from the sale if you are not careful. Happy eBay yard sales!


Sue said...

Hi, I follow your blog and have sent you an email with some questions in reference to eBay vs. Craigslist. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. My closet runneth over!

Sue said...

Another Q about listing on eBay. I know that I should find a dark color to place my clothing when taking a picture. Do you have suggestions as to what to use? I do not have a piece of black fabric hanging around and the other smaller remnants will probably clash with some colors, does that matter? Thanks for your help!

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