Make Money From Home Using Craigslist

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For some people, Craigslist works better than eBay. It is an especially good idea for garage sales and large items that can’t be shipped easily. Your bedroom furniture for instance.


Place pictures of your furniture on Craigslist and set the price. Bingo! A neighbor ill normally come pick it up. This is also a free site with no fees, and do not forget to check out their free section for your city! Craigslist also offers many job opportunities, work from home opportunities, and business opportunities. It is a valuable tool for emptying out an old warehouse, and it is one of the most popular sites on the web. It’s mentioned here to contrast it with the eBay posting on Clothing. Craigslist is also a wonderful place to list clothing for sale as well as eBay. Just so that nothing is left out:

Sue, who has experimented with Craigslist to sell clothing, sent the following email:

Hi! I follow your blog on blogspot. I'm ddswifesue. I saw your recent post about placing good used clothing on eBay, for profit.
Do you think that it is better to go through eBay than Craigslist? Since Craigslist is free, and eBay is not, I was curious why you promote eBay over Craigslist. I respect your opinion and wanted to be sure to see the answer, which is why I chose to email you, rather than leave a comment. Feel free to post this on your site if you would like, or let me know and I will. I just wanted to be sure to get an answer that I would not miss, since I don't check my blog daily and the updates of those that I follow.
I definitely have tons (exaggeration) of clothing to sale. However, I want to make the most. I live in deep South Texas, as close to Mexico as one can get, so getting a good deal from good clothing is hard, I'm referring to Craigslist, as well as you have to meet the person in order to deliver. Those are the only downfalls that I can see. Unless of course what you are selling are larger items.
I have only tried to sell maybe twice on eBay, without success. I can not remember how much they withhold from the sell of items, but if I recall correctly, it is based on how much the item sales for. I see many people jacking up the price on shipping in order to make even more money, which I find very deceptive. So I do appreciate you emphasizing shipping and keeping it inexpensive.
I'll try to cut this short, I can get a bit wordy!
Thanks for your help!

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