7 Work At Home and Make Money Online Things Worth a Second Look

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1.www.bloggernoob.com – This is another work at home blog. She made $25,000 in the first year with this blog. Lots of decent advice. I don’t think this blog will make that much. Does anyone know how to increase my Google Page Rank by a landslide?

2.www.ioffer.com - A place to buy sell and trade. Kind of like eBay and accepts Paypal. This site might be worth checking out. It looks populated and barren at the same time.

3.www.bukisa .com – This is one way to increase your Google Page Rank. Publish articles that relate to your blog or website with links to your blog or website in the pages. This helps your increase links to your site. You can also earn lots of money from page views. You are paid an amount per page view. The more content you publish, the more you are paid.

4. eHow – This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You don’t have to write long articles with correct grammar and punctuation, just tell people the steps you do to get things done. Then, sit back and relax as the money piles in every time some one clicks on ad from one of your articles! This is the easiest residual income ever!

How to Videos & Articles: eHow.com

5. http://freemillionautosurf.com is a wonderful automated surfing tool. Just sign up to be a member, input your website, keep the computer on the freemillionautosurf.com site for around 4 hours, and pouf, a thousand free visitors to your website or blog. Recommend it to others for even more hits! All for free while checking email, etc.

5. Entrecard- This is a great site for bloggers. One might overlook it at first glance because it seems nondescript, but the cute site will generate lots of traffic for your blog. Boost your visitors, grow your audience, network with other bloggers, and market your products and services all in one place. You will need a 125x125 image for the icon though, and a place to put the widget. Approve and reject other blog ads to place on your page for exposure. In order to place your ad on other blogs, you must drop it by pushing their drop button on their widget. Read on.

6. www.affiliateseeking.com – find tons of affiliate companies here to sign up for. With hundreds listed, you are sure to find one that suits you. Affiliate programs include affiliate networks, ad networks, 2 tier programs, pay per sale, contextual ads, pay per lead, residual income, datafeeds, multi tier programs, popups and banner ads, pay per click, ppc search engines, business opportunities, etc.

7. Extora – This is a personal day organizer or todo list. It sits on your desktop, and is super easy to use. Just point and type the thing you have to do and viola! The todo list is there for you reference. Extora has a very modern look that complements Vista tremendously instead of the worn out normal todo list freeware. You can download Extora Pro or the freeware edition. Have fun!


Imee said...

I've tried earning money from blogs before, it does work. There's plenty of work-at-home opportunities online, sure there's been scams here and there, but once you find a decent legitimate one, you're golden!

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