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Odesk.com looks like a dream land for the at-home worker. It is chock full of work at home positions for computer gurus. There is a test that you must take that lasts an hour. I do not have time to take it right now, but I am writing this posting for the sole purpose of reminding myself to look at this site as soon as my new laptop arrives. It should arrive on Tuesday. I am very excited about the arrival of my new laptop, but onto Odesk.com

Job hunters are called "Providers" on Odesk.com. Here providers can register, build their online profile, take free online certifications, and apply to jobs to get started on Odesk. There are over 100 free online multiple choice tests. I think this is an awesome idea because not only do you mainly receive jobs that are suited to your abilities this way, but you skills will be proven and undisputable. You can receive job alerts or set up an rss feed. 70% of jobs feature an upfront payment here, which is awesome! I love Associated Content because they offer upfront payment! You will also have a detailed Odesk profile. 

This is a global site with global rates. Unfortunately for some, it is a lot lower than the average American salary, but there are many competitive salaries and offers. Here is one example:

  • Hourly: $3,125 (843 hours)
  • Fixed-Price: $1,070 (5 projects)
  • Total: 35 posted, 13 paid
  • Location: Sydney, Australia

This roughly translates to $3.71 per hour, half of our minimum wage. This is an administrative assistant position that mainly deals in internet research, etc. Much better than Amazon Turk, but still lacking as far as a livable US wage. If you can develop email server applications, you may be paid:

  • Hourly: $8,163 (562 hours)
  • Fixed-Price: $0 (0 projects)
  • Total: 28 posted, 18 paid
  • Location: Neptune, United States

This is around $15 an hour, which isn't too bad. Odesk averages 388 jobs posted with an average
rate of $12.04 when I checked on 2/22/09. If you need to know what a reasonable free lance 
rate is, check out their rate statistics

Odesk also features their own blog, forum, and store. One of the coolest features is the team room. Here you can work together as if your online work team were in the same office, collaborate with team members, and see work being done as it happens. Have fun!


Pothi said...

Well, the minimum wage in oDesk has been discussed many times in the past and now oDesk has started its development to introduce minimum on its hourly and fixed-price jobs. Read the full article here...


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