How to Get Paid to Donate Plasma

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Plasma is the liquid your red blood cells float in. It is a yellowish color. It takes around 2 hours to donate plasma. When donating plasma you will have two needles in your arm. One is going and one is coming. Donating plasma is a popular way for college kids to earn extra  money and sometimes you will see ads in the paper for plasma donation. If it is your first visit, expect to fill out a mountain of paperwork. When you are through, you will usually be paid cash for your donation. This is a great way to earn "emergency" money, and the actual drawing of the plasma only takes around 14 seconds. 

Donating plasma does help other humans as well as earn you some extra spare cash. Giving plasma does not actually hurt any more that someone normally drawing your blood. Giving plasma is not bad for your body, and it does not involve donating part of your immune system. Hemophiliacs are the main recepients of plasma donation. Each hemophiliac needs about 600 bags of plasma twice a year to replenish their platelet count. Remember, blood is something that cannot be artificially made. Your donations will be appreciated. 

To find a plasma donation center in your area, try this site:


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