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Author esantra Category , , , , , , , , is a turnkey website work from home business. A turn key website is one where you pay a hosting service to provide you with an empty turnkey website template that you can put your products into. It still runs under your domain and can be personalized, but it is considered "pre-fab" and ready to go in hours or even minutes. I think this might prove profitable if you have a good idea, and you are a beginner when it comes to designing websites.

Some of the features of include:
  • Access to Over 60 Million Products to Sell
  • Turnkey software that is hosted with no server side programming required.
  • Built in real time tracking
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Analytics Capable
  • Supplemental ads for extra monetization
  • Commissions from eBay, Commission Junction, Amazon
  • Unlimited custom pages
  • Logos
  • Category Customization
  • Categories automatically generated. 
  • Article content with merges RSS content for SEO
  • Automatic blog publication to
  • Article submission to Digg and
  • Widget module to build backlinks and page rank.
  • Affiliate program built in
  • The pagerank 4 in 3 months guarantee.

There are many other benefits to I am beginning a series on Turnkey websites because I think I would like to purchase my own soon to go with the blog as long as it is relatively inexpensive. is not too expensive. $97 per year with the domain name. 

Steps to signing up for
  1. Sign-up
  2. Pick your domain name.
  3. Enter your Amazon ID and eBay IDs.
  4. Configure your income store.
  5. Promote your income store using their tools.
  6. Collect money from Amazon, eBay, CJ, and Google directly.

This seems like a legit idea. I know from personal experience that all these companies do pay, and if your page rank is high enough, you can most certainly make back $97 a year.... 


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