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My old blogger template and Internet Explorer decided that they were not compatible and chose to go their seperate ways. I am very sad. The installation and management required to convert my old blogger template and my new blogger template are now taking place. I apologize for the lack of new material in advance.

For some mini-post material to keep you guys going, I have discovered two new neat ideas that may work to your advantage: - this is your guide to starting a profitable business. It is a valuable magazine that you can subscribe to ( or view past issues digitally for free ) that actually comes in your mail box. I am a firm believer in always having your mail box full. True Wealth Magazine is chock full of work from home, online business, and MLM that you might want to take a look at. The publication is bi-monthly, a great source for entrpreneurs, and a good opportunity for advertisement possibilities. - this is a work at home job search engine. Check out the following job description.:

Appointment Setter:

Job Location: Applicants required to live in a specified location? No

Job category: Customer ServiceJob

type: PermanentSalary: payment schedule variable

Date Posted: 2009-02-02

Job description: Salus Marketing, a national insurance marketing company, needs conscientious workers with good phone skills. Work involves calling new leads generated at seminars: high net-worth prospects interested in estate-planning. Set appointments for insurance agents to visit prospects. Work from home part-time or full-time, your choice.

Requirements: Must be a hard-working self-starter. Must be able to call anywhere in the country and handle time-zone differences. Must be detail-oriented (spelling, grammar, juggling calendars). Must be organized and able to take concise notes of conversations. Must have access to computer email and Google calendar. Pay is dependent on number of appointments set - $15 per original appointment; $10 per rescheduled appointment.

There are many more like this. Feel free to peruse at your leisure. This site looks fun and interesting. There are tons of jobs with no locations. Have fun!

I hope to have my blog looking something near finished soon. Everything's a mess!


Manish said...

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I think this template is so beautiful.

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