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Another great source of online employment is websites themselves. My temporary full-time employment outside my home has ended, and I am back working online part-time for a website that I do not care to disclose here – you might be competition. Although I did want to disclose a number of online sites that do offer employment as well.

1. Google – Yes, I said Google. Google is a huge online employer. While all positions might not be from home, you may be able to find a position that is from home. WorkforceLogic is recruiting part-time telecommuters with fluency in Spanish to help with Quality Evaluation for websites for Google Inc., the search engine company based in Mountain View, California. You can find more opportunities by searching Google jobs at Google Jobs.

2. StumbleUpon is now hiring. The Community Manager position looks as if it is a work from home position, but does not specify. There are other open positions as well.

3. GoDaddy is hiring. Most positions are listed at a physical location, but some positions do list flexible as well as the physical location, and who knows, you may find one near you.

4. The is also hiring writer and freelancers for telecommuting positions. The work would be the most fun ever! The Examiner publishes some of the best work on the planet!

5. is hiring Pay Per Click Specialists through LinkedIn. The pay isn’t fantastic, but the qualifications seem simple to meet for most website gurus.

6. is hiring both Freelance Application Essay Editors and Freelance Resume Writers for telecommuter positions. Peterson’s is world famous for their education related products and this would be a great, reliable, real work from home position, granted you were hired.

“ResumeEdge freelance writers work from their own computers and offices from anywhere in the world via the Internet.” –

7. is hiring a PHP developer through The position is also telecommuter.

8. has tons of vacancies. There are so many listings here that I can’t seem to find out which ones are work from home. No guarantees… Search for yourselves.

The point is, if you like a website out there, look to see if they are hiring. You may land a position with your favorite website!



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