How to Set Up Your Own Website From Home Using Your Very Own Servers For the Cost of a Domain Name

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The eBook has been doing well, slightly. To be honest, it makes around $20 a month, but I have not even begun to market it. I have been thinking about designing a website for it, and I truly need an inexpensive website for this purpose as it is likely to span around 3-4 pages, if that. You can set up your own website from home. Pros include a website for the cost of the domain name only, while cons include the need to keep the servers running and decreased security.


So, for this project, I would recommend an old pc that you have somewhere.

The first step is to download the WAMP server. This is combination of Apache, MySQL, and PHP that you can use to set up your server. ( If you are running Apple or Linux, you may download alternate versions such as LAMP. AMP stands for Apache, MySQL,and PHP, and you should be able to find a compatible version via a Google search. ) It can be downloaded here:

A simple instruction manual can be found here:

Print the guide out and follow the easy to do, step-by-step instructions. Add the necessary files to your destination folder and view using the localhost on your machine. Now, you could use a free host. Navigate your browser to: is a free dynamic DNS system that gives you a free public ip address for your domain name. For instance, you should purchase your domain name and the DNS service. This comes out to be around $49.90. Honestly, GoDaddy is about the same price, but you can get a public id for free at

Maker sure your ports are open correctly and your servers stay on, and voila – your own website with no charge for hosting except electricity! Hosting your own website is really for very large organizations with a need for security, but this is also a great skill to learn at home. Please post comments on cheap webhosting!


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