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Today I am starting a new blog on going to school online. No Google Adsense can be displayed on WordPress! Oh no! Why spend all the time writing only to never be reimbursed for your efforts. Never having hosted a blog before, I have to figure out how to host this blog on GoDaddy! What fun! If you can’t smell the sarcasm already, that’s not my fault.

Step 1:
Start your blog on Wordpress – more complicated than it should be, and right now I am seriously considering giving up and switching to Google Blogger. Alas, I need the WordPress experience, and hosting is not really that expensive.

Step 2:
Google search for how to host your blog on GoDaddy. I am trying to purchase the 3 month hosting for WordPress, but can’t decide if you need the Economy posting as well…. What to do? You would think as an IT student, I would know how to host a blog… Hahahaha! After reviewing an eHow article:, I decided to just call GoDaddy.

Step 3:
After calling GoDaddy, I walked through the steps and paid around $80 to host my stupid new blog on GoDaddy for one year. I plan to upgrade to Deluxe and add my new coupon eBook site to the plan after January, which is the only way to prevent losing financial aid for a couple lousy eBook sales. I shell out my $80 bucks to the very helpful smooth-talking man on the other end just to learn that some kind of free hosting comes with the domain name – you have to have some kind of banner, but it’s free. Ask before you buy if you’re as low on cash as I stay. Anyway, it comes with email, Google advertising, and increasing site visibility or some BS like that. The best part is, if you change your mind, the hosting is refundable on a monthly basis!

Step 4:

Wait or this is what GoDaddy says:

What's Next?


You have finished setting up your hosting account. Your hosting account should be ready to use within 24 hours.

You will receive an e-mail message once your hosting account is ready to use. This e-mail message will include all of your basic account-management information.

After your account is set up, you can log back in to your Hosting Control Center to upload files to your Web site, create sub domains, customize your 404 pages, set up databases for your hosting account, and more.

It really only took 30 minutes to an hour to get the setup email.

Step 5:
I decided to unzip my newly downloaded WordPress files and install them on my C:/ Drive. Only to find out that it is already installed on

Step 6:

Turns out that I actually got the wrong domain name – now they are setting up the right one for me. This is partially my fault. This was the domain name for the website for the coupon eBook that I was originally setting up. This takes another hour.

Step 7:
Hunt for a million years for a WordPress theme. Fill in all necessary information. Decide to sleep and fill in the rest later.

In any case, the WordPress can be done right through GoDaddy! It is easy, simple, and expensive. Why did I do this? I’ll let you know later if it makes any money. I do get free Google Adsense advertising…


Benjamin Amarada said...

It's actually really easy to set up adsense on your Wordpress blog. After setting up Wordpress with GoDaddy, you should install a plugin called Easy AdSense 2.79. It makes integrating adsense into wordress blogs a breeze. U can even contact me if you have trouble.

Rick Samara said...

Hi Amanda,

While I can't begin to answer all your concerns; allow me to shed my 2 pennies. I have a website with GoDaddy. I've had several in the past. Their customer service is excellent, but I hate their a-la-cart buy this methodology. I wasn't aware that use WordPress as their blog 'Program' but that's a great choice. When I looked into adding a blog to my website (about 6 months ago) I didn't want the added expense or the "anything else" they would try to sell me that was avaiable free elsewhere.

The nice thing about WordPress is that it is completely free and all you need is hosting. Have you checked out HostGator? If you purchase their 'Baby' account for like $7.95/month, you can host unlimited websites or WordPress blogs. WordPress is assessible through Fantastico which is one of their really neat features.

As Benjamin alluded to, the strength is that they offer so many fantastic plug-ins thtat really add to your site. I wasn't aware of the Google Adsense plug-in that he mentioned... Easy Adsense 2.79, but I just upgraded my blog with Platinum SEO Pack which should help my site get much better organic placings with Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Just one final tidbit; and this more about what I think I learned than what I've actually learned. While blogspot is an excellent blog (I have several), SEO is much, much better if you have your own hosting and domain name.

All the Best,
Rick Samara

Amazon Coupons said...

It's actually really easy to set up adsense on your Wordpress blog.

Mark said...

You are way ahead of me. I have plans at some point to use Wordpress for some niche sites, but not at that point yet. That all feels a bit scary for me at this point!

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