eHow Closing Writer’s Compensation Program (WCP)

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Demand Media Takeover...

I think it is so sad about the Demand Media takeover and now the closing of the eHow Writer’s Compensation Program (WCP). If you are anything like me, eHow was one of the ways that you began making money online. It seems sad to me that a site that had its roots in revenue sharing has now closed that program and essentially shut off the faucet to the writers that helped to make them who they are in the first place. At the same time I am grateful to the company that showed me a great deal about how internet marketing works. I suppose no line of online revenue really lasts forever, but I had gotten used to the income stream...

Demand Media has taken over. You can still make money with them, but the requirements are much more demanding. Most of the original articles are being removed, and new ones are subject to editing and rejection that mean a huge decrease in writer profits because the articles take so much longer to complete. Please comment if you have had positive experiences with Demand Media, or if you like the change.

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