eBay Items You Might Not Have Thought Of Before Today

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Sometimes people tell me that they have nothing to sell on eBay. Wrong! People are always looking for other people’s junk. Here are some ideas that you might not have thought of before today:

  • Old Keyboard Keys – the keyboard does not have to work, and probably shouldn’t. People will pay you good money for the keys. This is a great sales technique if you have spilled cream soda in your laptop and can no longer use it.
  • Old clothing – some people will pay top dollar for your used clothing and shoes, especially designer brands and brands like Polo, Old Navy, etc.
  • Other junked electronics – people will pay you for things they can repair
  • Working car parts – especially good idea if your car isn’t running at the moment.
  • Never opened perfume, lotion. or unexpired makeup
  • Try anything once – the fees are low.


eBay keyboard key listings:




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